About Us


Who is Rebel Promotions?


Rebel Promotions is a Colorado based marketing group that assist businesses with their marketing and business development efforts in order to accomplish their objectives.  Rebel Promotions has assisted many of businesses and groups including: for profit and non-profit, start-ups, established businesses, small businesses, as well as large groups.

Rebel Promotions is full service marketing provider, with services that include, but are not limited to: marketing strategy development and implementation, website design and management, sales efforts, public relations, branding, graphic design, print, and promotional items. Our clients not only find it convenient to work with us, but appreciate the fact that we understand their mission, vision, and goals, by being immersed in their business and all aspects of their marketing efforts. Ultimately we do not just provide pens and cups with promotional items, but we tie it into the bigger picture!


Meet Our Team!


                     Kendra Fernandez                                                Owner & Director 

Kendra Fernandez is a Colorado Native who ventured to Las Vegas to earn her bachelor’s degree in marketing from UNLV… Once a REBEL always a REBEL! Later, she returned to Denver, CO to continue her career in marketing and earned her MBA from Regis University. After years of working in marketing and sales field and exceeding company goals, Kendra wanted to accomplish goals of her own, which included helping small businesses with their marketing and branding efforts. She established Rebel Promotions in 2014. She has over 17 years of marketing, sales and branding experience. She has remains dedicated to providing a convenient solution for small businesses to receive assistance with their marketing and branding, while becoming part of their “team”. Kendra has since assisted hundreds of clients and has watched many of them evolve into million-dollar companies over the years. 
Kendra still remains dedicated to not only providing great customer service and custom marketing and branding solutions for clients, she also strives for the entire team to build a relationship where client’s know they can count on rebel promotions and have their best interest in heart. 
“Whether we are working with a large billion-dollar organization, a school, or a startup business and/or sports team, it is my goal to ensure they can count on the team at Rebel Promotions to provide exceptional customer service, quick turnaround times and communication, as well as high quality product. We treat their job and budget as though it is our own, and help all clients get the best bang for their buck.”  - Kendra Fernandez




Mariah Cordova 

Sales Coordinator 






Mariah Cordova is a Colorado native who has been part of the Rebel promotions team since 2021. As a Sales Coordinator, Mariah wears many hats but one thing remains consistent, her dedication to the customers she serves. She is regularly complimented on her level of professionalism and the fact that she not only assures clients that we can meet their custom branding needs, but moves things into production quickly, so they have branded apparel, print and promotional items in-hands, before their due dates. 

“I love working at Rebel Promotions! My job is different every day, and I enjoy being able to help clients when they are looking for something to brand their business, school, or increase engagement. More often than not, clients come to us with an urgent rush job, and it feel good to let them know we can take care of them.” Mariah Cordova. 




Christina Trujillo

Sales Coordinator  












As a Sales Coordinator, Christina Trujillo wears many hats. Her pervious background as an executive administrative assistant to two large and busy companies, provided her with the experience and skillset to manage multiple jobs, implement process, and keep things organized on a day-to-day basis. Christina has implemented her skillset as a Sales Coordinator at Rebel Promotions and remains dedicated to making sure things flow smoothly for customers and internally for the Rebel Team.  


“I believe that what you put out there, you get back in life. I love my position here at Rebel and I love helping our customers bring their ideas to life. I also love that Rebel is a local minority owned company ran strictly by women!” Christina Trujillo.