Marketing Plans (Strategy)

Don't mass market, target market! Too often we see clients that market to as many potential customers as possible, hoping it will pay off some day. Your products and/or services are not for everyone, so you should not be marketing to everyone. Rebel Promotions can help you develop a marketing plan that will focus on achieving your goals through research, identifying your target market, knowing your competition, and developing a marketing mix that is unique as the product and services you have to offer. 



Online Marketing

Your current and potential customers are searching online for the products and/or services that you have to offer.  Can they find you online, or will they be purchasing from your competitors?  97% of consumers search online for goods and services. You can't afford to not have a relevant and up to date web presence?  Rebel Promotions can assist you with developing and maintaining an online marketing strategy and presence that consists of: website management, blog posts, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing (There's more to it than just posting to your own business pages/profiles!), email marketing, and more.